If we are not Giving then we are not Living — Himanshu Aum

Himanshu Aum
2 min readDec 5, 2020
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This post is smaller in words but mighty in depth. What is the purpose of our life? If we are not Giving, are we even living?

We all live in this world but most of us are living our lives without the life in it.

We have been given this life as a human. And this life is a lot more than just to breath-in, breath-out, eat, mate and sleep.

The nature has created every ‘thing’ for a purpose and an inherent virtue of giving.

The sun gives us Sunlight.

The moon gives us Moonlight.

The trees give us fruits, shadow, leaves and the bark.

The plants give us food.

And what are we doing?

Just relaxing in the sunlight, driving in the moonlight, harvesting crops to eat and killing innocent animals to survive. That’s all! Is this why, we have been given this life as the most-wise living-being on this earth??

No, there is something more to this life than just all these things. We are given emotions, we are emotionally intelligent. Although every living being in the universe can feel, but we are provided with advanced emotional-quotient . So what are we doing with it? — ah! just faking them.

Let us start adding value to our life and Make our lives worth living.

Be compassionate towards every living being and not just humans. Start being empathetic towards others. Start treating every one with equal respect. We all have that virtue within us, and there is some purpose why we all are here as a Human.

Let’s start living our life instead of just surviving like any other animal.

Tell me in the replies, what do you think about Living and Giving in life. Read about my experience-driven boosting thoughts here.

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Himanshu Aum

Himanshu Aum is an Unschooled Organismic Entrepreneur and Director in AumsWow Wellness Pvt. Ltd. He has been working in different fields since the age of 8.